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Shop Exide Inva Tubular IT850 230AhTall Tubular Inverter Battery


Exide Inva Tubular IT850 230AhTall Tubular Inverter Battery


  • Battery Type: Tall Tubular Technology
  • Battery Capacity: 230Ah
  • Brand : Exide
  • Warranty: 66 Months*(48 Flat+18 Pro-rata)
  • Product Model: Inva Tubular


Exide Inva Tubular IT850 230AH Battery Description

At one of the fastest growing online stores, Battery Mantra, you can browse a wide collection of Exide Inva Tubular IT850 batteries that are available to provide excellent power backup for your home. Being an enjoyable and ideal solution, it offers several different advantages to its users such as faster charging, high backup, durable life, deep discharge. With state-of-the-art Torr Tubular technology, our provided INVA tubular batteries are manufactured and specially customized for Home UPS and Inverter applications. The robust internal features of our product provide great performance during frequent and long power cuts.

The thick tubular plates of our batteries radiated in high pressure (100 bar) Hadi radiating machines provide durable life. Moreover, they’re through partition intercell associations guarantee an even more useful voltage shape on layoff. A constant discharge during power outages of the long term also improved working life. While facing mains failure or dip in input voltage, Exide Inva Tubular IT850 provides uninterrupted and regulated power being a Lead-acid storage battery.

Why Exide Inva Tubular Battery are most suitable in Inverter Application?
A tubular battery uses technology that seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of pasting it on the surface of the plate. As a result, there’s no shedding or corrosion, ensuring long battery life. Owing to their toughness and durability, tubular batteries can operate at extreme temperatures, and are used in high cyclic applications involving frequent and prolonged power outages.

Exide Inva Tubular IT850 Battery Advantage
All tubular batteries behave similarly to start with, but obviously, not all tubular batteries are the same. The difference lies in the composition of the alloy in the positive support structure, as well as in the way that the main back bone of the plates, called the SPINE, is cast.

These batteries employ technology that locks the functional material in polyester tubes called gauntlets rather than pasting it on the plate’s surface which saves functional material from divesting. The crests which comprise the backbone of the positive plate are radiated under high pressure from low antimony conduct alloy with selenium, copper, tin, and arsenic, which help to shield the lead support from anodic corrosion, providing durable battery life. You can obtain our offered Exide Inva Tubular IT850 battery at affordable prices with 66 Months warranty (48 Months Full Replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata) that will be delivered to your place in Noida by Today within 1 Hours.

Exide Inva Tubular IT850 Tubular Battery Near Me At Best Price, offering Exide Inva Tubular IT850 Tubular Inverter Battery With Free Deliver & Install by  Today within 1 Hours In Noida, 

Exide Inva Tubular IT850 Battery Key Features:

  • You get perfect power backup solutions for your residence UPS and Inverter application.
  • Our batteries come with avant-garde Torr Tubular technology that makes the product resist regular and long power cuts.
  • The thick tubular plates of our batteries provide durable life.
  • Our offered Exide batteries can perform in harsh temperatures with tough and durabile features.
  • Our product furnishes more Electrolyte per Ampere Hour.
  • Performs smoothly even in high cyclic applications concerning regular and long power outages.
  • Intercell associations provide a good voltage profile on discharge.
  • Durable life – 1200 Cycles @ 80% DOD
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