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Luminous Red Charge Rc18000 Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery


Luminous Red Charge Rc18000 Tall Tubular 150Ah Battery

Original price was: ₹18,600.00.Current price is: ₹10,049.00.

  • Battery Capacity: 150Ah
  • Warranty: 36 Months*(18 Flat+18 Pro-Rata)
  • Product Model: Rc18000 Tall Tubular
  • Battery Type: Tall Tubular Technology
  • Product Model: RED CHARGE
  • Brand : Luminous



Warranty Terms

Free Replacement 18 Months
Pro-Rata Warranty 18 Months
Not Covered in Warranty Any Damage condition
Service Type Onsite By Manufacturer or Brand


Suitable For Inverter | Home UPS
Filled weight 52.5 kg
Width 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 cm
Battery Type Tall Tubular Battery

Technical Details

Capacity 150 Ah
Voltage Output 12V
Charging Current Boost Mode – Initial 15 A
Charging Current Boost Mode – Final 15 A
Initial Charging Rate 15 A
Recommended Inverter Rating 900 Va
Brand Luminous

Back-Up Time (Approx)

2 Fan + 4 Tubelight + 1 TV 4:45 to 5:15 Hours
4 Fan + 4 Tubelight + 1 TV 3:00 to 3:30 Hours
7 Fan + 5 Tubelight + 1 TV 1:30 to 2:00 Hours



Luminous Rc18000TT 150Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery Description

Battery Mantra provides high-quality Luminous Red Charge Rc18000TT 150Ah Inverter battery near me that are introduced by the Luminous industry. These batteries are available at affordable prices that will get delivered to your doorstep within one hour in Ballabgarh. They are produced to offer superior power backup solutions for your residence & office. Exceptional patented alloy composition is used to shield the principal portion of the product from corrosion. The Void-free & uniform grain design of these batteries provides the invariant best performance. Our offered products charge faster and are extremely durable. These batteries lower electricity consumption that helps to improve financial savings. They are incredibly strong and withstand longer power cuts due to their sturdy design.

We are being known as the best Luminous Red Charge RC18000TT 150Ah Tall Tubular Inverter dealer in Ballabgarh. Our provided Red Charge Series Inverter Batteries can be obtained with 36 Months Warranty. A positive electrode feature of our product makes it durable, utilizing Tall Tubular technology to save it from disintegrating. Furthermore, our rendered Tall Tubular batteries have a low loss of water that’s why it needs overall low maintenance. Our offered batteries have subsided corrosion or the shedding of the plates & lengthy life. They can work at high temperatures that’s why they can be utilized broadly during elongate load-shedding’s and for high cyclic installations. Our Tall Tubular batteries are highly demanded by small and medium homes & office. Our batteries are less but have the same technical features as Tall Tubular.

Buy Luminous Red Charge Rc18000TT 150Ah Tall Tubular Inverter battery at best price in Ballabgarh With Free Delivery & installation by  Today within 1-2 Hours


Luminous Rc18000TT Battery Product Key Features:

  • In order to maintain void free, uniform grain design, our RED Charge batteries are built by employing a HADI High-pressure casting apparatus.Our product has quite high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition that provides long-lasting working life.To lessen the chance of inner short circuits, you can see a highly puncture-resistant DARAMIC-USA partition in our product.
  • The Tall Tubular plate structure of our batteries assures uniform diffusion of positive active material to give durable life & excellent performance.
  • Our battery’s balanced plate structure is helpful to improved charge endorsement & exceptional deep discharge recuperation.
  • Shields the main part of the battery from corrosion, even high voltage situations.
  • Exceptionally prolonged life and excellent performance.
  • Very Powerful, adaptable oxidation-resistant gauntlet.
  • Our product’s inter partition link delivers the lowest internal resistance & superior charge endorsement.
  • Our RED Charge Rc18000TT batteries are produced to perform over 1250 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) – an ideal solution for locations’ regular power cuts.

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